Commuter Dude: City work leads to hole and flat tire

9:42 AM, Jan 23, 2014   |    comments
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ATLANTA - A metro Atlanta commuter wants the city to pay for damage to her car after she hit a hole created by a city work crew.

The motorist, who asked us to use only her first name, said there were no warning signs on Marietta Boulevard to let her know about the rough spot ahead.

"There weren't any cones, no tape, nothing," said Ryan. "It was a big bang, an instant bang, and my tire popped instantly."

The day after Ryan contacted us. We found city crews digging away at the same spot. The Department of Watershed Management tells 11Alive's Commuter Dude that crews relocated a water meter, then refilled the hole with dirt, concrete and asphalt.

A spokesperson for Watershed Management agrees something went wrong. He suspects cars traveling over the repair job caused it to sink.

Ryan says she met one other driver who suffered the same flat tire fate.

Commuter Dude is guiding Ryan in her effort to file a claim with the city.

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