Giving birth on the highway, during the storm

11:46 PM, Jan 29, 2014   |    comments
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Little Grace Elizabeth Anderson

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. (WXIA) -- As the winter storm approached metro Atlanta, Amy Anderson called her husband Nick several times to let him know she was having contractions.

As any good husband would, Nick left work right away. But with snow coming down and traffic snarled, it wasn't quick enough.

"Everything happened so fast, and you realize you don't have any of the options at that point," Nick Anderson said. "You're just like, 'that's all you got'!"

With their 2 and 4 year old daughters in the back seat, the Andersons left Marietta in the storm, headed for Northside Hospital. But on I-285, Amy told Nick she didn't think they would make it, and that he needed to pull over.

"The contractions got pretty bad there toward the end, she was definitely in a lot of pain," he said. "And I think that was freaking our girls out because she was yelling a lot."

Sandy Springs Police Officer Tim Sheffield happened to be in the area responding to a nearby accident, when he saw their car in the emergency lane on the side of I-285 near Riverside Drive.

When Sheffield approached the car, Nick calmly told him they were having a baby.

"When I went up, the baby was almost there," Sheffield said. "You could see the head. I could hear him on the phone with our 911 dispatcher."

Even with the snow coming down, and the frigid 20 degree temperatures, Officer Sheffield says Mom and Dad were in control.

Fortunately, paramedics soon arrived and took Mom and newborn Grace Elizabeth to Northside Hospital.

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