Atlanta writer: We're all to blame for gridlock during snow storm

9:58 PM, Jan 30, 2014   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Atlanta is supposed to be a transportation hub, but you'd never know it looking at the recent mess created by the storm.   

"People from the outside, looking at Atlanta, no one could understand how did a city fall apart with 2 inches of snow."

Which is why the Deputy Editor for Atlanta Magazine, Rebecca Burns, was asked to spell it out for Politico Magazine, in an article titled, The Day We Lost Atlanta.

"The biggest issue is just really about transportation," Burns said, as a MARTA train whizzed along the tracks behind her, silhouetted by the Atlanta skyline. 

She says we are too dependent on highways and that MARTA isn't enough. 

"MARTA doesn't connect the other counties."

Burns says decisions made 50 years ago, crippled it. 

"If you go all the way back to the 60's and 70's, there was voting along racial lines, and triggered by race and class issues, about not expanding MARTA."

And in 2012, voters had a chance a had a chance to try to fix transportation problems with T-SPLOST, but rejected it. 

"We need to vote for people who think as a region and not just as our little tiny communities, and then our elected officials need to work together and cooperate more," Burns added.

And she says, quit blaming Mayor Kasim Reed. 

"That's part of what's crazy - is Atlanta is broken into so many little fiefdoms. There are 60 municipalities in our Metro region, so all of those mayors bear some accountability. If you live in Decatur, and you couldn't get out of your driveway, that's not Kasim Reed's fault."

And she summed it up with one final comment.

"We need to be prepared for this if something more catastrophic were to happen."

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