Mayor Kasim Reed announces plans to improve in storms

8:54 PM, Jan 31, 2014   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Mayor Kasim Reed spoke to the Atlanta Press Club Friday afternoon, announcing major plans to restructure the way the city handles events like this weeks winter storm.

The mayor said the city's response did hurt Atlanta's reputation, but is confident we will rebuild it day by day and during the next storm.

WATCH | Mayor Reed announces plans for dealing with future storms

Mayor Reed said he's not worried about the impact on his career, but did joke he was glad he won reelection before this storm hit.

Reed announced several key goals in improving the city's emergency response:

- He has ordered a review of what the city did and did not do correctly before and during the storm, and is forming a group to create best practices.

- He announced the city will hire an emergency management executive to develop a regional response plan and improve communications with other leaders in the metro area.

- Reed says the city has taken the Weather Channel up on its offer to help Atlanta become a model "weather-ready" city.

- Reed announced plans to increase the city's pretreating and de-icing capabilities and said they will look at investing in more removal equipment.  But the Mayor admits, that will take approval of the city council.

-He will work with Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, which receives weather reports 24 hours a day, to get real time alerts if the forecast changes. 

Mayor Reed stressed again the biggest issue that lead to gridlock was a lack of staggered release.  He says he will consult experts on developing a plan for that in the future.

Mayor Reed restated he was "deeply sorry" for anyone impacted by or stuck in the storm.  He said in the future when he hears of a weather event he will make the call on his own if necessary to shut down the city.

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