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Some elements may not open in time for the Olympics

8:20 PM, Feb 5, 2014   |    comments
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11Alive's Matt Pearl in Sochi, Russia

SOCHI, Russia -- Much has been made about how Russian organizers built this Olympic site up, basically from scratch, spending billions in the process.

It turns out not all of it will be built on time. For example take one building -- locals call it 'Putin World' -- a near $400 million amusement park that sits in view of the Olympic venues.

Crews were still doing construction work on the building just two days before the beginning of the Olympics.

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That has been a typical sight inside the 'rings of steel' -- last-minute work being done across the board.

The main site is beginning to take shape.

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We've seen volunteers and visitors snapping photos of the venues and the Olympic rings. Even Sochi Park looks impressive from the outside.

On our first night in Sochi, we passed by this building at dark. It was beautiful; it was all lit up in blue. We asked one of the security guards, 'What is that building?' He turned out, looked at us, and said, 'Disneyland.'

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