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Olympic merchandise expected to fly off shelves

8:54 PM, Feb 6, 2014   |    comments
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Everyone speaks the language of commerce and there's plenty of merchandise expected to fly off shelves at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

The Olympic Superstore is expected to be packed with shoppers when it opens its doors. In the meantime, a gift shop in the mountain cluster is already open.

Over the next two weeks, you'll see the Sochi Winter Olympics logo emblazoned on everything.

"The mascots -- you know, the bear, the little leopard, the snow leopard. And they've got some fabulous great big long hats," said Monika Seymour of Niagara Falls, Ont.

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And that's just the start. There are authentic Matryoshka dolls for $50, and just-as-authentic lint rolls for 250 rubles. One of the most expensive items is a suitcase for 30,000 rubles - about $1,000 American.

But no item is as hotly promoted as the gloves. The Olympics love the gloves.

Blogger Nicholas Wolaver worked the 2010 Games in Vancouver, where Olympic mittens first became a craze.

"You buy a couple of pair, and you don't think much about it, and then all of a sudden, you can't find them anymore," Wolaver said.

Now it's 2014, and the Sochi organizers have inflated their hopes that the gloves will catch on yhere, too.

"Probably with each Winter Games from now on, there will be some fashion symbol to collect and covet," Wolaver said.

In Vancouver back in 2010, we saw hour-long lines out the Olympic store door. That's why many fans get their gift-shopping out of the way early.

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