Prepare your home for the ice storm

11:25 PM, Feb 11, 2014   |    comments
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ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- You'll want to make sure your home is prepared for the ice storm that's expected to hit the metro Atlanta area on Wednesday.

The city of Atlanta says they received more than 100 911 calls during the last storm for busted water pipes. Officials are encouraging people to cover their exterior faucets and leave the interior faucets with exterior pipes dripping while temperatures are below freezing. They also encourage you to open cabinet doors to let warm air in.

It's a good idea to fill your bathtub with water in case your pipes do burst. That water could be used for the toilet or washing.

Officials also recommend you to stock up on bottled water to drink.

Also, gather up any extra blankets and charge up your devices. Get out your flashlights and weather radios to help you get through the storm.


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