Cabin fever sets in for some

1:21 AM, Feb 12, 2014   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- With dozens of school districts cancelling classes for at least two days, it could lead to severe cases of cabin fever for some students and parents.

One mother emailed 11Alive and said that it was so bad that she packed up her kids and drove them to her parents in Orlando, Fla. 

Another family in northeast Atlanta said they were beginning to climb walls.

Because it rained all day Tuesday, there was no playing outside for the Silvia family.

"We went bowling, so we went out and did something," said Bob Silvia. "But tomorrow, we're looking at all these board games we have, because if the power goes out, we'll be playing the good old fashioned ones, the game of Life, some Monopoly, maybe some Risk."

While there are serious, life and death consequences of an ice storms, for most families, their reality is learning how to deal with a serious disruption to their routines and, with the power out, learning to entertain each other.

"When it hits, we're not looking forward to it. But we will survive," said Bob Silvia.

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