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Kyle Carr to compete in the Olympics

11:38 PM, Feb 13, 2014   |    comments
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Kyle Carr competes during a Team USA training session (Photo: USA Today Sports image)

If you watched 11Alive Thursday morning, you may have seen our very own Jaye Watson in a distressed mood. As it turns out, the worry was all for naught.

Watson was doing a live break when she learned that local Olympian Kyle Carr's team had lost in the semifinals. 

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Carr, a member of the 5,000 meter speedskating relay team, had captured the hearts of 11Alive's viewers in January. Thanks to generous donations, the Peachtree City skater's mother, Lisa Cervantes, was able to travel to Sochi, Russia to see her son compete.

WATCH | Kyle's journey to the Olympics

However, Lisa found out that her son would not compete in Thursday's semifinals. The relay team has five members; only four skate. All five must compete to be awarded medals. Kyle was slated to skate in the finals, should his team advance.

Carr's teammate, Eddy Alvarez collided into South Korea's Lee Ho-Suk, during the semifinal race, and Team USA finished fourth, apparently not advancing.

Jaye Watson got the news while on-air and was heart-broken, thinking that Lisa had gone all the way to Sochi only to not see her son compete. What she didn't know was that officials reviewed footage of the crash and found the South Korean team at fault, disqualifying that team and allowing Team USA to advance to the finals.

Yes, Kyle Carr will race in the Olympics and his mother will see him.

Jaye Watson gives her take on the scene:

As soon as we finished our live shot, the next reporter was in front of the camera reporting for their station somewhere in America.

As I was walking back to Iceberg Palace my photographer texted me 'They made an exception rule. Called penalty on Korea. USA in the finals!'

I called the station, knowing we had just three minutes left in the morning newscast and told them to tell the anchors to let everyone know that Kyle was skating in the Olympic finals.

And then my phone rang and it was Kyle's Mom Lisa. She was crying(happy tears, of course) and told me that when she called her husband back in Peachtree City to tell him the great news, the first thing he said was "Call Jaye Watson because she was heartbroken on the air!"

So I, by default, was the second person Kyle's mom called after her son made it to the Olympic finals. And while I'm not family, I could not be happier for them.

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