Florists scramble to get ready for Valentine's Day

3:38 PM, Feb 14, 2014   |    comments
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GAINESVILLE, Ga. -- As things started to thaw out from this week's ice storm, the rush began to get ready for Valentine's Day and some are pushing an effort to delay the holiday until next week because of the storm.

For florists like Jamie Hudson in Gainesville, Ga., the storm put Valentine's Day preparations on ice at the worst possible time. 

There's a Facebook page called "Valentine's Day Delay" asking the community to "Support Atlanta area florist iced out by the winter storm? Help make up for lost business by ordering the week of February 17th!"


"We had all these flowers, supplies, everything else coming in and we were afraid it was all going to be wasted," said Hudson.

On Thursday, Hudson scrambled to make up for lost time, getting her flowers, her drivers and deliveries ready to go.

Across town at Occasions Florist, owner Carol Slaughter was up to her eyeballs in rosebuds and increasingly concerned about conditions when her drivers hit the road.

"If they're out in the country we can't get to them - I'm not going to send anyone out in the bad roads," Slaughter said. "It's not worth the risk. Safety first."

But if there was ever concern Valentine's Day might not survive the snow, look no further than the Thomas family. They drove 30 miles this afternoon to stock up on Valentine's supplies.

Florists say Valentine's Day is their biggest and busiest holiday of the year, with Mother's Day being a distant second. Flower shops said they were grateful Mother Nature went easy on them - a little bit.

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