11Alive's Stories from Sochi and the Winter Olympics

8:21 PM, Feb 23, 2014   |    comments
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SOCHI, RUSSIA -- 11Alive's Jaye Watson, Matt Pearl and photojournalist Jon Samuels are covering the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Click the links below to watch their stories.

You can also follow the games with us on Twitter: @11alivenews, @JayeWatson, @MattPearl11 and join in the conversation using #11AliveOlympics.

11Alive's Stories from Sochi:

-Jaye Watson has the wrap-up from Sochi
-Matt Pearl with 5 things he'll remember about Sochi
-American superfan Capt. George became the target of Russian photographers
-American students in Sochi
- Reaction to Kyle Carr to being benched
- Jaye Watson shows the heartbreak of Kyle Carr and his mom after he doesn't skate in Olympics
Jaye Watson introduces you to the Goldsteins, rock stars of the Sochi Olympics
Photographer recalls Atlanta Olympic bombing
What's next for Elana Meyers?
Elana Meyers: No shame in silver
- Behind the scenes of 'Today'
-Jaye's BLOG: Trouble with Olympic laundry
- Who is Elana Meyers?
- Atlanta Olympic bidder talks Sochi
- Drones watch over Olympic crowds
-Jaye Watson shows how T.J. Oshie goes from hockey player to hero
Elana Meyers talks with Matt Pearl about Lolo Jones
- Matt Pearl's 5 Observations from Sochi after week 1
- Jaye Watson meets a man who has turned Olympic games into religious experience
- Jaye Watson finds out fate of Kyle Carr's speedskating team
- Jaye Watson meets Kyle Carr's mom as she arrives in Sochi
- Matt Pearl shows the U.S. team getting love from the Russian crowds
- Jaye Watson meets an American tourist in Sochi
- Jaye Watson introduces you to a Gwinnett Co. Woman who is is Olympic Party Planner
Jaye Watson explores the many different flavors of Russia
Jaye Watson shows the International Broadcast Center in Sochi provides a massage parlor for journalists, because massage has been proven to help people work harder
Jaye Watson talks to some of the volunteers in Sochi
Matt Pearl looks at the allure of Olympic rings
Jaye Watson shows how President Putin stopped by the Russia House in Sochi
The art of Olympic pin trading
Matt Pearl shows how Elana Meyers was inducted into the George Washington U. Athletics Hall of Fame
- Matt Pearl talks about who Elana Meyers will ride with in the bobsled
- Jaye Watson talks to speedskater Kyle Carr about having his mom watching him compete
- Jaye talks about the language barrier
- Jaye talks about security in Sochi after attempted hijacking
- Matt Pearl shows you 5 things to know about Sochi
-Jaye Watson previews the Opening Ceremony and sits down with tennis great Maria Sharapova about Sochi being ready to host
- Jaye Watson looks at the Olympic Iceberg Skating Palace
- Jaye Watson introduces you to the 2014 Sochi Olympic mascots
- Jaye Watson shows how a Georgia photographer documents stray dogs of Sochi
- Matt Pearl shows how Olympic merchandise is expected to fly off shelves
- Matt Pearl's blog on culture shock in Sochi
Matt Pearl shows the mad rush to finish the Olympic amusement park
- Matt pearl shows you the beauty of the Mountain Cluster
- Jaye Watson's blog on the art of communication in Sochi
Matt Pearl talks with bobsledder Elana Meyers as the games begin
- Matt Pearl's blog on arriving on Sochi and searching for sleep

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