Victims rally at Georgia Capitol for pit bull ban

8:44 PM, Feb 18, 2014   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- A ban on pit bills sounds so extreme to many people, but not to the group of victims' families that gathered on the steps of the Georgia capitol.   

Their children died from the bite of pit bull pets, something unforeseeable in the eyes of their owners. 

Angela Rutledge organized the rally after her 2-year-old died.  She wants to see a law crafted in Georgia.  "Accountability such as muzzling, possibly banning breeding, " she explained. 

Advocates traveled here from Wisconsin to College Park telling personal stories of loss. 

"No law will be able to resurrect my son, but what will happen is I would like to never see a mother go through the heartache that I go through," Rutledge said. 

The group set out to get lawmakers attention at the state house, but they're also sending a message to any house that things can go unexpectedly wrong.  

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