Kyle Carr doesn't race in Olympic relay

10:31 PM, Feb 21, 2014   |    comments
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SOCHI, RUSSIA -- After getting to Sochi as part of the U.S. Olympic short track relay team, Peachtree City native Kyle Carr did not race in Friday's event.

Kyle's mom told 11Alive's Jaye Watson, the coach said Jordan Malone was the better fit.

A local businessman helped pay the way for Kyle's mom to go to Sochi to watch her son.

See our coverage of Kyle Carr and his mom going to Sochi here.

Russia finished first in the relay winning gold.  The U.S. team finished second for silver.

Even though Kyle was a part of the team, because he did not compete he will not get a medal.

Kyle's mother, Lisa Cervantes said she was devastated that her son didn't race.

"I just cried, and then when they started, the other two teams fell, I walked out and just sobbed, and thought, 'I hope that coach feels really good about himself. Really good about himself.' Because that was how many years of a dream that he just ripped out from Kyle's feet - after telling him for the last how man days that he was skating the final?"

Carr told 11Alive that he needed time to process the day's events.

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