Norcross installing license plate readers

8:20 PM, Feb 21, 2014   |    comments
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NORCROSS, Ga. -- The city of Norcross has a new way of tracking criminals. The police department will be installing stationary license plate readers around the city to track down suspects and vehicles connected to violent crime.

The license plate reader will be used in patrol cars to scan passing vehicles. The objective is to capture plates tied an arrest warrant or a suspect in a violent crime.

The city of Norcross will be placing readers at stationary, strategic posts, like big intersections and perimeter points around the city.

The project will cost more than half a million dollars before it's finished.

The cameras can read about 20 plates per second, but police say the data will be stored no longer than 30 days unless it's implicated in a crime.

The project will launch next month with cameras capturing 20 to 30 percent of license plates moving in and out of the city. Ultimately, the goal is to have enough cameras to capture 90 percent of the traffic.

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