Emory rape suspect spotted in Decatur

5:26 PM, Feb 24, 2014   |    comments
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Authorities released a sketch of a man wanted for rape at Emory. Police say he could connected to other assaults reported near campus.

UPDATE: Police say the man reported suspicious has been located and is not a suspect in the assaults. Read more here.

Decatur Police are investigating a report of a suspicious person on Erie Avenue who matches the description of a rape suspect associated with attacks near Emory University.

The 17-year-old told police that on Friday around 2:00 pm, she was walking on Clairemont Avenue and turned onto Erie Avenue in Decatur.

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She noticed a man who matched the description in the sketch walking toward her in the opposite direction. As she passed him, he immediately turned around and started walking behind her, trailing her by only about two feet.

Police say she felt uneasy, left the sidewalk and walked up to a nearby church and waited before continuing home. He did not follow her or talk to her. After he passed she called police

The man in his early 50's about five ten, with a red or brown beard.

Police believe he's connected to several attacks.  The most recent was on Emory's campus. It may be the latest of four, each more violent than the last. The attacks range from sexual assault to rape.

The attacks span December to February.

Police say the suspect grabbed his victims from behind while walking.

Friday's sighting is about two miles from campus.

"That's a little scary. I thought it was someone who just came from somewhere else," said student Raven Stewart.

Emory Police said they have added shifts and approved overtime to increase patrols.

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