Boy OK after nearly being crushed by falling tree

7:50 PM, Feb 23, 2014   |    comments
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MARIETTA, Ga. -- An 11-year-old boy is lucky to be alive after nearly being crushed by a falling tree on Friday.

Tanner Gottschalk received some stitches in his head, but was otherwise okay after a tree crashed into his room on Friday morning. 

"I felt it, but I didn't really feel the cut," Tanner said.

When the trees struck the home in the middle of the night, Tanner's 14-year-old sister Lexi helped her mother look for Tanner and also tried to carry him out of the house.

"We were calling for him, and all I saw was him push out his room and blood down in his face,' said Lexi Gottschalk.

Neighbor John Esparza saw the family Sunday for the first time since that stormy night. He had rushed over there when he heard the noise outside.

"Everything kind of starting really fast and I just can't believe that Tanner's still with us, because that tree had totally demolished his room," said Esparza.

Karen says she and her family are staying with friends for now. It will likely take between 6 and 8 months to rebuild the house.

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