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Commuter Dude: Misuse of left turn lane in Brookhaven

8:05 AM, Feb 26, 2014   |    comments
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BROOKHAVEN, Ga -- Some commuters, including members of the Brookhaven city council, are tired of seeing drivers misuse a left turn lane in order to beat traffic.

Josh Ray is one of the victims. 

"I've almost been hit twice at this intersection in the last sixty days at least," said Ray.

Drivers are traveling down Peachtree Road toward Buckhead. As morning traffic backs up at Dresden Drive, some of those drivers jump into the left turn lane. Most are turning left, but many are simply trying to get around the backup. They zip ahead cut back into the line of commuters who've been patiently waiting at the light.

"I've almost been involved in a few accidents," said Ray. "I think it's something the city of Brookhaven should take seriously."

Commuter Dude contacted city leaders and immediately received a flurry of emails and phone calls.

City councilman Bates Mattison has seen it happen.

"A car in front of me did cut out of the lane," said Mattison. "The city has notified the state DOT that this is an issue. We've also notified the Police Department to look at this and make sure we don't have a safety issue."

Brookhaven's police chief says the intersection is now on a list to be watched by his officers, who will write tickets when they see violators.

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