Moving the medical marijuana bill over the next hurdle

12:47 AM, Mar 1, 2014   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Little Haleigh Cox became the face of the medical marijuana debate in Georgia.

After spending more than 45-days in the pediatric intensive care unit at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, she is now back home in Macon.

Janea Cox says there is not much more the hospital could do.

"We'll still have to move to Colorado because Haleigh may not have enough time to wait," Janea said. "But I know that a bunch of families here have that extra bit of hope that we've gotten past that first hurdle so maybe we can fight and get past the next hurdle."

That next hurdle comes Monday when the medical marijuana bill goes to the House floor.

Janea says depending on her condition, Haleigh could be one of the faces in the gallery urging lawmakers to pass the measure to the Senate.

"We're just hoping that they hear out voices and take that to heart, and pass this for the children," she said.

Corey Lowe's 12 year old daughter Victoria suffers from chronic seizures. Lowe says despite the delay that would come, even if the law passes, the fight to get it this far has been worth it for her daughter.

"For my other children who see Victoria suffering and who've held her while she had a seizure for them, there's hope that their sister can finally be okay and have some relief from having seizures," Lowe said.


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