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Lost wedding ring found at Venice Dog Beach 8 months later

12:50 PM, Mar 1, 2014   |    comments
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VENICE, Fla. (WTSP)- A combination of love, fate and luck brought 59-year-old Sarah and 60-year-old Leslie Grigsby together nine years ago.

"We were a couple. He had to try more than once before I paid attention," said Sarah.

"It took a lot of winks," added Leslie.

A love born on the internet- it's how they planned their wedding four years ago, all the way down to their blue and green polka dot titanium wedding bands. Sarah found them online.

"My eyes are blue; hers are green. That explains the polka dots," explained Leslie.

They're unusual rings with a story to tell, a story that took a twist last summer while Leslie was swimming with his dogs at the Venice Dog Beach.

On that morning back in June, Leslie says the water was choppy. He was holding his dog Basal close to his chest when suddenly he felt the ring slipping off his finger.

"I was upset, I cried," remembers Leslie. "The ring meant a lot to me. It's the symbol of a relationship. Rings tells the world you belong to someone."

Leslie texted Sarah about losing the ring. She was in New York at the time.

"I had this wave of despair- then I got over it. I thought 'it can be replaced; it's only a ring'," Sarah said. "At least he didn't' say 'I dropped the dog'," she laughed.

It's that humor they both share.

"We make each other laugh," said Leslie. "We laugh a lot," responded Sarah.

In September, unknown to his wife, Leslie told a treasure hunter on the beach to keep an eye out for the blue, polka dot ring, and he held off on getting a replacement.

"I had a little bit of hope."

A couple of days before Valentine's Day, Sarah spotted the same treasure hunter.

"I called them over and said 'hey, if you find a blue, polka dot ring, it's my husband's. They said, 'oh yes; we know'...and that day they found it," Sarah explained.

Leslie got the news when he spotted a notice posted at the beach's pavilion that read, "Les and Sarah, we found your ring". Blue and green dots were drawn underneath their names, followed by the word "Found" in red.

"I couldn't believe it," Leslie said.

And Sarah was just as surprised the ring was found.

"You look at this body of water you think, 'no way! There had to be divine intervention," she said.

It may be divine intervention, and maybe the same love, fate and luck that brought these two together.

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