Crossover Day marks key deadline for bills

12:19 AM, Mar 4, 2014   |    comments
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Video: Religious freedom bill sparks debate

Video: Crossover Day bills include medical marijuana

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(WXIA) -- Monday marks a key legislative deadline where bills must pass either the House or Senate to remain active for the last 10 days of the session.

The Georgia House passed a closely-watched bill on medical marijuana. The legislation passed by 171-4 vote and now moves on to the Georgia Senate.

The House also passed a plan for civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. to be commemorated with a statute at the state Capitol.

Senate Bill 98, which would eliminate abortion coverage for state employees participating in the State Health Benefit Plan, passed by 35-18 after being amended.

The outlook is grim for two separate "Religious Freedom Act" bills.  The House version of the "religious freedom" bills failed last week, and the Senate bill is not expected to make it either.

Many call it similar to the anti-gay bill vetoed in Arizona that would make it legal for business owners to discriminate against gays and lesbians. One of the authors of the Georgia bill, Sen. Josh McKoon (R-Columbus), is calling the criticism of the bill ridiculous and unfounded.

"This legislation has nothing to do with discrimination except discrimination against people of religious faith," McKoon said. "Thirty-one states have this law on the books. It provides protection to people of faith practicing their religion, whatever that religion may be."

Dozens of other bills on issues such as tax and insurance reform passed in a flurry of activity on Monday afternoon.

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House bills and resolutions

-HB 742: Coweta Judicial Circuit; superior courts; provide for seventh judge. Passed 160 - 1

-HB 750: Banking and finance; exemption to mortgage loan originator licensing requirements for employees of certain nonprofit corporations. Passed 164-2. 

-HB 940: Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit and Oconee Judicial Circuit; election of  additional judges; change date. Passed. 166-1.

- HB 960: Local government; provide for use of surface transportation projects in urban redevelopment areas; provisions. 

- HB 854: Condominiums; amount permissable as a special assessment fee; change. Passed 101-66.

- HB 720: Courts; collection of a fee to defray costs for using electronic citations. Passed 117-20.

- HB 935Retirement and pensions; disclosure of public records shall include local retirement systems; provide exemption. Passed 165-3.

- HB 295: Ad valorem taxation; provide comprehensive revision of provisions. Passed 165-3.

- HB 460: Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund; no person under a sentence of confinement shall be eligible for membership. Passed 163-0.

- HB 701: Child Support Recovery Act; child support and enforcement of orders; enact provisions. Passed 164-3.

- HR 1183: General Assembly; additional penalties or fees for reckless driving and provide allocation of fees to Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund. Passed 157-10.

- HB 900: State sales and use tax; consumable supplies used in manufacturing. Passed 167-0. 

- HB 1042: Auctioneers; relative to auctioneers and auction business; change certain provisions. Passed 158-8.

- HB 833: Urban Redevelopment Law; include blighted areas. Passed 168-2.

- HB 690: Local government; county may petition any municipality within county to annex unincorporated islands. Passed 152-18.

- HB 702: State government; placement of monument on Capitol grounds. Passed 138-37.

- HB 1080: State government; placement of a statue of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. on capitol grounds. Passed 173-3.

- HB 291: State Board of Accountancy; independent state agency attached to Secretary of State for administrative purposes only. Passed 150-25.

- HR 1200: Trooper James David Young Memorial Highway; City of Fitzgerald. Adopted 174-0.

- HR 1544: Major Henry Talmage Elrod Memorial Highway; Turner County; dedicate. Adopted 175-0.

- HB 933: Sales and use tax; regarding sale or use of certain property used in maintenance or repair of certain aircraft; remove sunset exemption. Passed 163-10.

- HB 958: Revenue and taxation; state income tax credit for qualified entertainment production companies; change certain provisions. Passed 167-5.

- HB 128: Georgia Downtown Renaissance Investment Tax Credit Act; enact. Passed 160-15.

- HB 823: Sales and use tax; sale of tangible personal property of an alternative fuel facility; provide temporary exemption. Passed 129 - 24.

- HB 913: Community Health, Board of; persons having certain conflicts of interest from serving on board; prohibit. Passed 120-52. 

- HB 885Medical cannabis; continuing research into benefits to treat certain conditions; provisions. Passed 171-4.

- HB 883:  Georgia merchant acquirer limited purpose banks; correct cross-references; provide. Passed 170-0.

- HB 819: Revenue and taxation; tax executions; modify certain provisions. Passed 173-1. 

- HB 983: State sales and use tax; clarify eligible exemptions; provisions. Passed 173-3.

- HB 990: Social services; expansion of Medicaid eligibility through increase in income threshold without prior legislative approval; prohibit. Passed 118-57.

-HB 133: Property easements; rights of way across private land for the purpose of access to cemetery sites. Failed 68-107.

- HB 138: Temporary assistance; use of electronic benefit transfer cards in certain retail establishments; prohibit. Passed 152-17.

- HB 870: Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund; imposition of additional fine for reckless driving. Passed 156-11.

- HB 348: Income tax credit; purchasers of alternative fuel vehicles. Passed 116-53.

- HB 153: Local option sales tax; taxes to be imposed at a rate of less that 1 percent; allow. Passed 101-71. 

- HB 729: Revenue and taxation; manner for determining fair market value of motor vehicles subject to tax; change. Passed 132-41.

-- HB 707:  The Georgia Health Care Freedom and ACA Noncompliance Act; enact. Passed 115-79.

-- HB 922:  State taxable net income; limited deduction for certain medical core clerkships; provide. Passed 171-3.

-- HR 1573: Joint Study Committee on Critical Transportation Infrastructure Funding; create. Passed 170-4.

-- HB 930: General Assembly; adopt standards and instructions for Article V convention delegates; provisions. Passed 115-62.

-- HB 914: Social services; school personnel required to report child abuse shall be notified by child protective agency upon receipt of report and completion of investigation. Passed 174-0.

-- HB 845: Public disclosure; disclosure of arrest booking photographs except under certain circumstances; prohibit. Passed 171-0.

-- HB 257: Income tax; change certain definitions. Passed 104-64.

-- HB 153: Local option sales tax; taxes to be imposed at a rate of less that 1 percent; allow. Passed 97-75.

-- HB 580: Superior Court Clerk's Retirement Fund; provide spousal survivor's benefit. Passed 169-2.

-- HB 982: Financial institutions; repeal Articles 4 and 4A; enact new Articles 4 and 4A; provisions. Passed 172-3.

-- HB 1052: Crimes and offenses; create offense of murder in the second degree; change provisions relating to murder. Passed 174-0.

-- HB 1078: Courts; juries and grand juries; provisions. Passed 176-0.

-- HB 69: Tax; amount payable for property at redemption; change provisions. Passed 174-0.

-- HB 390: Sales and use tax; ceiling on local taxes which may be levied by a political subdivision; provide for additional exemption. Failed 88-82.

-- HB 954: Ad valorem tax; property; change definition of fair market value. Passed 169-2. 

-- HB 772: Public assistance; drug testing for applicants for food stamps; require. Passed 107-66.

-- HB 876: Expense allowance; certain boards and commissions receive same per diem as members of General Assembly; provide. Passed 166-3.

-- HB 969: Sales and use tax; sale or use of tangible personal property to certain nonprofit health centers; provide exemption for a limited period of time. Passed 167-2.

House adjourned.

Senate bills:

- SB 268: Physician Assistants; authorize a physician to delegate a physician assistant the authority to prescribe Schedule II controlled substances. Passed 33-16. 

- SB 358: Missing Children Information Center; provide missing child reports for foster children. Passed 46-0.

-SB 382: Theft; provide for the crime of retail theft; penalties. Passed 52-0. 

-SB 391: Health; provide that each medical facility make a good faith application; TRICARE network. Passed 48-2.

-SR 941: Congress; urge to grow United States economy; increase the number of visas; permit Korean citizens possessing skills in a specialty occupation. Passed 51-1.

-SB 276: State Government; provide that Georgia shall be a "Purple Heart State" Passed 52-0.

-SB 281: State Employees; require a high deductible health care plan with health savings account; offered as an option. Passed 40-13.

-SR 981: Violence Against Health Care Workers; create joint study committee. Passes 48-4.

-SB 304: Continuing Care Providers and Facilities; provide for continuing care at home;  define certain terms. Passed 35-0.

-SB 326: Private Colleges and Universities Authority; authorize the authority to meet by teleconference and other methods permitted by law. Passed 46-0.

-SB 98: "Federal Abortion Mandate Opt-out Act" Passed by substitute 35-18. 

-SB 333: Natural Resources Dept.; establish that persons are not aggrieved by listings on the hazardous site inventory. Passed 44-9.

-SB 293: Ad Valorem Tax; revise a definition; provide certain information to be given to taxpayers upon request. Passes Senate by substitute 39 -11. 

-SB 353: Development Authorities; change a definition; revision of public purpose; changes to general powers. Passed by substitute 35 -13. 

-SB 354: "Georgia Civil Practice Act"; governing discovery general provisions; electronically stored information

-SR 1027: SPLOST Reform Joint Study Committee.Passed 45-3.

-SB 381: "Georgia First Informer Broadcasters Act"; provide planning for first informer broadcasters; definitions. Passed 41-11.

-SB 361: Georgia Geospatial Advisory Council. Passed 50-1.

-SB 392: Motor Vehicles; provide additional definition; acceptance of applications for registration; not in compliance with federal emission standards. Passed 48-0.

-SR 747: Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012; encourage the repeal or amendment. Passed 43-6.

-SR 920: Thomas Watson Cullars Memorial Highway; Lincoln County;

-SR 937: Albert Sidney "Sid" Newton Memorial Highway; Jenkins County; dedicate. Passed 50-0.

-SB 406: Administrative Services, Department of; contracting with companies having business operations in Sudan; provisions

-SR 896: Georgia Legacy Program; create Joint Study Committee. Passed 49-3.

-SB 214: Lottery for Education; allow winner of lottery prize to remain anonymous; 25 percent of prize to Lottery for Education Account

-SB 384: "America's Founding Philosophy and Principle Act"; require a course of study. Passed.

-SR 783: Ad Valorem Taxes; prohibit the levy of state ad valorem taxes. Passed 38-13.

-SB 383: Coroners; items of value of the deceased shall not be converted to the coroner/medical examiner's personal use. Passed 51-0.

- SB 274: Capitol Arts Standards Commission; designation of areas within capitol museum; Georgia Capitol Agricultural History Museum areas. Passed 51-0.

- SB 318: Alcoholic Beverages; allow for local authorization/regulation of sale for consumption on the premises on Sundays; celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Passed 32-18.

Senate recessed at 6:10 p.m.

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