Dads & kids take on challenges through Dads' Bucket List

1:45 PM, Mar 3, 2014   |    comments
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CANTON, Ga. -- Dads and their kids tried to walk on stilts, shoot a target, break out of a bamboo jail, taste unusual foods and fire off a trebuchet during the first Checklist Challenge by Dads' Bucket List.

PHOTO GALLERY | You did what? 1st Dads' Bucket List Checklist Challenge

Family teams gathered at Cagle's Family Farm in Canton on Sunday to work their way through 15 challenges based on reality television shows like "Survivor" and "Amazing Race."

The Checklist Challenge was designed to give busy dads a chance to bond with their children while creating new connections with other dads. 

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Dads' Bucket List was started by Dunwoody-area dads who began planning monthly adventures with their children a few years ago.

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