'Twitter kid' being recognized for encouraging others

12:18 PM, Mar 4, 2014   |    comments
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DODGE COUNTY, Ga. -- A Dodge County teen is trying to change lives without having to leave her home.

Taylor Mullis's twitter account, @WhyToStayStrong, has more than 4,700 followers and is nominated for a Shorty Award.

"I saw how many people needed help. They were alone and I just wanted to help them," said Mullis.

The national Shorty Awards recognizes advancement in social media and has several categories.

Taylor's is Teen Activism.

Through her account, she sends tweets that have personal quotes, pictures and notes that are aimed to inspire and encourage others.

Her mother, Alicia, says she was thrilled to find out what her 15 year old was doing online.

"I thought she just wanted to talk to her friends," She said, " It's just amazing that she's spending her time to reach out to people, most of whom she doesn't even know to help them out."

Taylor said, "There's been a lot of times where people were depressed...they would talk to me and said that I helped them because they were thinking about committing suicide...and they didn't."

The home schooled teen says it feels great to be recognized for helping others, but that she didn't do it for the attention.

Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve that recognition," she said, "It's nice sometimes to feel like people think you're doing good. When you're recognized for it, you feel like 'I really am doing good'."

Taylor says she can't wait to go to the awards in New York, and to meet some of her online friends and fellow nominees.

The Mullis family is raising funds to get Taylor and her chaperone to the awards. They've already raised almost $1,800 in 3 days and are almost at their goal of $2,000.

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