Teacher lifts voices and spirits of teen chorus

2:21 PM, Mar 10, 2014   |    comments
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GRIFFIN, Ga - In a James Lindsey class at Griffin High School, you simply want to sit and listen. 

That's because the teens in his chorus sing so beautifully, it brings joy to those who hear them.

These days they're preparing for a trip to Europe.

"We're going to go over there and rock London. But we're also going to go to Paris. We're in an international choral. I believe there are six other choruses that are involved and invited," said Lindsey. "I do it to put them (students) in situations where they can speak with other cultures and speak with other ethnicities and how to rehearse and things like that."

Lindsey takes the chorus on out-of-town trips each year.

"We're so proud of that. It's going to be so great for Griffin High School," Chris Lokey, chairman of the Fine Arts Department at GHS.

"He's just the epitome of what a great teacher is," Dr. Tiffany Taylor, an Assistant Principal.

"The kids just love him, even though he's tough and demanding," Portia Lacey, a counselor at Griffin High School who nominated Lindsey for 11Alive'sClass Act Award.

"Statistics show that music students do quite well in all of the other subjects," said Lindsey.

"I really try to teach it like a college ensemble," said Lindsey. "I never thought that I would teach. I thought I would sing or play basketball because that's what I was also pretty good at it. But, (now) I think God placed me on the earth to teach."

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