Davis Guilty in Millionaire's Murder

12:07 PM, Dec 5, 2006   |    comments
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Scott Davis was found guilty Monday afternoon in a Fulton County courtroom of murdering businessman David Coffin, Jr., ten years ago. He was sentenced immediately to life in prison. Davis was on trial for the December 1996 murder of wealthy businessman David Coffin. Jr., who had been dating Davis's estranged wife, Megan. When the first guilty verdict was read, Davis dropped his head. Relatives of his were heard weeping in the courtroom. Prosecutors said Davis broke into Coffin's Buckhead Atlanta home on West Conway Drive, shot him once in the left temple, then set fire to the home. The defense insisted there was only flimsy, circumstantial evidence implicating Davis, and no hard evidence. Davis was convicted on one count of murder, one count of felony murder (murdering Coffin while committing the crime of aggravated assault), and another count of felony murder (murdering Coffin while using a firearm in the commission of a crime). Coffin's brother, David, read a statement on behalf of the family. "Mr. Davis has been allowed to live in the embrace of freedom ten years longer than he should have, living in California, while insects ate what was left of my brother after the fire," said Bob Coffin, Victim's brother. "David Coffin Jr. was burglarized, shot in the head, and had his body burned at the hands of a coward." Davis made a statement, proclaiming his innocence and insisting the trial was unfair to him. "I maintain my innocence," Davis said. "This process has been unfair to me from the beginning. I wish nothing but happiness and goodness to the Coffin family, but again, I want to emphasize that I am innocent of these charges." Davis said he plans to appeal the guilty verdict. "I hope that one day, justice will be served," said Davis just before being led out of the courtroom in handcuffs.

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