Murdered Teens Stabbed To Death

8:35 AM, Apr 12, 2007   |    comments
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Police confirmed for the first time on Wednesday that the two teenage cousins murdered last week in south Fulton County had been stabbed to death by a screwdriver. Police also said that one of the two men they arrested in the case may have also been involved in a suspicious death last November, but they let him go back then. The families of the two cousins who were murdered last week are expected at Fairburn Road and MLK to join friends and co-workers for a candlelight vigil in honor of the teens. Now, information is emerging that one of the two suspects in the teens' murders had been questioned by Atlanta police last November about the suspicious death of a young woman then. Now, that young woman's mother believes the two teens would be alive today if police had arrested the man then. Five months before Jeremy Moody became a suspect in last week's murders of the two teenage cousins, Sierra Kimble and Dell Mattox in south Fulton County, Atlanta police questioned Moody about an arson fire and possible murder at an apartment off of Sylvan Road. Police said they had found the body of Mequaysha Smith, 25, stuffed inside a closet of the apartment that had been set on fire, and so badly burned, the medical examiner could not establish the cause of death. But from the beginning, Smith's mother, Anita Hunt, was convinced that Jeremy Moody, who was a security guard at the apartments, had killed her daughter. "I think that my daughter wouldn't give up the sex, wouldn't give up the money, and he strangled my daughter and he tried to cover it up and, by setting her on fire," Hunt said. Atlanta police confirmed that they are taking another look at Moody, and Smith's suspicious death, now that he has been arrested in the murders of the two teens. "Damn right about time, how many more lives gotta be lost?" Hunt said. "How many more lambs have to be sacrificed? Had they taken a good look at it, these two kids would be living today." Too much for the families of the teens who were murdered to comprehend just now. They are about to take part in a candlelight service at the workplace of one of the teens' mothers. The funeral for both teens will be at 11 a.m. Saturday at World Changers Church on Old National Highway.

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