Clerk saves missing California baby

TOPONAH, Arizona (KPNX) - Karin Akins had no idea of the California Amber Alert when 57-year-old Carolyn Ferguson was dropped off at the Shell station this afternoon with her 6-month-old granddaughter Laylani Mosley.

The woman's car had broken down. The tow truck driver told Karin the lady was acting strange.

But strange became weird quickly after the woman asked for something to feed her baby and then filled the bottle with strawberry milk and something much stronger.

"I was just very, something was wrong in my gut mom-feeling," Akins said. "Like this is a 5-month-old baby. Cappuccino, not very good. She couldn't tell me anything about the baby and I just felt she was too old. She looked very old to have a 5-month-old child and I called my boss on the phone to verify between mom-to-mom if it sounded fishy or not."

The boss filled Karin in on what Huntington Beach, California police had reported earlier in the day.

Ferguson disappeared with her infant granddaughter.

They feared the she was mentally unstable and in need of medication.

"Very cute.She's very calm. Very good baby," Akins said.

Karin's friend Kandy Erickson took pictures as the young women made small talk with Ferguson waiting for the sheriff to arrive.

She treated the girl like her own 2-year-old son at home: changing Laylani's diaper, playing with her, even finding formula to feed the girl and eventually handing the little girl off to paramedics.

"It's a mom thing," she said. "I just know if it wasn't her baby I would just it would kill me if I let her walk out that door and know later on that it wasn't hers and I could have done something at that moment."

Karin and investigators described Ferguson as acting disoriented and claiming to be the baby's mother until investigators arrived. She is in custody awaiting possible charges in California.



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