Commuter Dude: Changes on NW Atlanta street brings smile to teen's face

ATLANTA – An Atlanta teenager is smiling after a call to Commuter Dude resulted in changes to a NW Atlanta street.

It may not mean much to most of Atlanta, but Hoke Street is quite special to this 13-year-old.

It's all in the name.

"I get different reactions," said Hoke Faser. "People say Hoke? What kind of name is that? Maybe joke or Coke? What did you say?"

Hoke Faser was named for his grandfather, who was named for former Georgia Governor Hoke Smith. It's not exactly a common name.

"Every time we're on vacation, we'll go into a gift shop and he'll look for a license plate or key chain that has his name on it, and of course, you can't find it anywhere," said Peter Faser, Hoke's father.

So, imagine Hoke Faser's glee the day dad's GPS alerted him to the existence of Hoke Street. The family would drop by anytime they were in midtown, only to have their hearts drop the day they discovered the street sign was missing.

"I'm thinking of naming my kid Hoke," said the teen. "I really do want that sign up there pretty badly."

Hoke Faser reached out to Commuter Dude. In just a matter of days, the city of Atlanta's Department of Public Works replaced the sign.

"They even spelled my name right," said Hoke.

Commuter Dude went a step further, creating a replica sign that Hoke Faser can put in his room.

Hoke Faser's smile is now as wide as Hoke Street.


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