Commuter Dude: City vows to address "reverse potholes"

ATLANTA - Reverse potholes that have plagued a NW Atlanta neighborhood should soon be a thing of the past.

Jim Askren called Commuter Dude when the potholes in the Hanover West neighborhood grew to bulges and ridges that stood 8 or 9 inches high.

"It's built up so much, the cars drag over the top of it," said Askren. "There are scars in the asphalt and a hole where cars have knocked part of the asphalt away."

The culprit is likely tree roots that have created several bad spots.

Askren said he summoned a city of Atlanta crew that came out to look at the situation, but nothing had been done in six months.

Commuter Dude contacted the city's Public Works department, and another crew was dispatched. The reverse potholes have been marked with orange paint, and the city vows to fix the problem spots within 60 days.


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