Commuter Dude: DeKalb to address sidewalk ramps

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. -- DeKalb County has vowed to address the concerns of Ande Craig, a fiercely independent woman who says her wheelchair is not her biggest obstacle.

On DeKalb Industrial Boulevard, the sidewalk near Craig's home presents her with a ramp that is so steep she can't maneuver over it.

"I'm out in the street a lot when I shouldn't be," Craig said.

It's when she takes the bus over to Clairmont Road for exercise at the YMCA that she meets a spot with no wheelchair ramps at all. While she can slip into a parking lot to get by, the problem is getting back onto the sidewalk to continue her journey.

"I have to go out into the street," Craig said. "I wait until all the traffic is clear, then go up to that next driveway."

11Alive Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes told DeKalb County about Craig's risky travels, and the county responded that their crews would construct ramps on Clairmont as soon as possible, and make repairs to the steep ramp on DeKalb Industrial.

"That's going to take some engineering work, but we believe we can make it better without having to redo the entire interchange," said spokesperson Burke Brennan.

11Alive is working to connect Andy Craig with a paratransit service to keep her from having to travel in the street.


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