Commuter Dude: Fix for malfunctioning traffic light

NORCROSS, Ga -- Heather Summers says getting to work on time became a chore when a traffic light at a busy intersection held her and others hostage.

The light was malfunctioning. Heather Summers raised her voice, and Commuter Dude was listening.

The light is supposed to give northbound traffic on Peachtree Parkway a left turn signal to travel onto East Jones Bridge Road. Heather noticed that the light would occasionally skip the turn arrow.

Commuter Dude investigated, and witnessed the light skipping the left turn arrow twice in a row. Drivers sitting in the left turn lane had to wait 12:30 for the next arrow.

After Heather Summers raised her voice, Commuter Dude contacted the Georgia Department of Transportation.

The DOT's Regional Transportation Operations Program monitors lights on Peachtree Parkway and other busy thoroughfares. Engineers were able to quickly fix the malfunction.


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