Commuter Dude: Flat Thanksgiving on I-20

ATLANTA -- When a pothole on I-20 flattened Donte Flanagan's tire, he turned to Commuter Dude for help.

Donte had visions of a big turkey dinner dancing in his head as he hit a problem area on I-20 east bound headed toward downtown Atlanta. As he traveled inside I-285, he hit a bridge joint with hard edges, a dip, and a mound.

"The car was wobbling as I was driving," said Donte. "I knew something was damaged."

In addition to the flat tire and bent rim, Donte says his car was knocked at least partially out of alignment.

Commuter Dude showed video of the problem area to the DOT, and the very next day, crews were on the scene with asphalt to fill and smooth the area.

Donte plans to file a claim asking the DOT to pay for the damage to his car.

The DOT says anyone wishing to file a claim with the state over vehicle damage needs to have a police or incident report, two repair estimates, pictures of the damage, and witness statements.

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