Commuter Dude: Homeowner tired of people driving through her yard

KENNESAW, Ga – Dina Veenhuis is tired of people using her front yard as a shortcut, but so far hasn't found the best way to stop it.

More than once, fast moving drivers have worked up a head of steam before attempting a right onto Mountainside Trace in her Kennesaw subdivision, only to put tire marks through Veenhuis' well manicured lawn.

"Within the past six months, we've had three different people run through our yard," said Veenhuis.

Cobb County has studied the situation, and has determined the intersection beside her home doesn't qualify for a four-way stop. The county did place a speed trailer at the intersection, which slowed traffic for awhile.

Now, Dina is looking for something to place in her yard to dissuade drivers from cutting across her property. She is open to suggestions.


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