Commuter Dude: Intersection changes cause confusion

ATLANTA -- A fatal accident at a Cobb County intersection has neighbors calling for change.

The intersection of Sandy Plains and Wigley Road has already undergone some changes, and neighbors say it's caused some problems.

"Total confusion," said Judy Murray. "Nobody knows who is supposed to wait for who."

A little over a year ago, Cobb County reconfigured the intersection, widening Wigley Road to add turn lanes.

Before the changes, drivers turning right onto Wigley Road had to yield to other traffic all the time. Now, when the light is a solid green, it's drivers turning left from Sandy Plains onto Wigley that have to yield, not only to oncoming traffic, but to those turning right. There's an overhead sign that says so.

But time after time, Commuter Dude saw drivers turning left who didn't yield at all,m driving as if nothing had changed.

Concern grew after the death of a 57-year-old driver. Cobb police say he tried to turn left on a green light, but drove right into the path of a car traveling through the intersection.

Cobb traffic engineers conducting a traffic study, and are looking to see if a flashing yellow arrow might be a better way to let left turning traffic know they need to yield. Engineers say flashing yellow arrows have reduced accidents by 30% at other intersections.

"If we end up making the change to the flashing yellow, it would be put in a contract where that work would happen this summer potentially," said Cobb DOT's David Montanye.


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