Commuter Dude: Noisy plates and a damaged vehicle

ATLANTA – When Lee Mertens hit a depression on Peachtree Street at 12th, damaging his car, Commuter Dude knew exactly what caused it.

"It was like falling off of the edge of the earth," said Mertens. "It just hammered us."

In April, the issue was metal plates left on Peachtree Street after the city's Department of Watershed Management did some sewage work. The constant noise was too much for Erin Guiterriez.

"I'm fed up," said Guiterriez. "I haven't slept in 7 nights. I really want them to do something."

Commuter Dude notified the city and crews returned to finish their work, remove the plates, and fill the hole with cement. Peachtree Street was quiet.

But crews left the depression in the road. Commuter Dude asked the city to come back to top it off with smooth asphalt. The city responded that it would happen. Two weeks later, the job wasn't finished, and along came Lee Mertens.

Commuter Dude apologized to Mertens for not staying on the city and getting the repair done sooner.

"The number of potholes I know I haven't hit because of ya'll and what ya'll do, makes all of us appreciate it.

Mertens has forgiven Commuter Dude, but he is reaching out to the city of Atlanta for compensation.


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