Commuter Dude: Police hope viral video will discourage jaywalking

SNELLVILLE, Ga – Snellville police are hoping dashcam video of a 15-year-old darting in front of a police cruiser will be enough to curb jaywalking near South Gwinnett High School.

Snellville officer Scott Hermel was behind the wheel when he turned onto Wisteria Drive near the school. He barely had time to see the teenager before swerving to miss her.

"I just stepped on my brakes and turned to the right as hard as I could to avoid them," said Hermel. "It took awhile for my heart to start beating again. When I saw she was standing up and ok, that was good."

Just over a year ago, Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes was with Snellville police as they warned students from South Gwinnett about the dangers of jaywalking.

Time and time again, students from battled traffic as they crossed Wisteria at a spot where there is no crosswalk. Just a short distance away, an intersection with a light offers a place for students to cross safely.

There's no painted crosswalk at the intersection, but the city plans to put one there this summer.

"A lot of them believe they're invincible and can do this any time with impunity," said Chief Roy Whitehead.

Officer Hermel says the young lady who dashed in front of his cruiser was apologetic

"I think that was a life lesson for her," said Hermel.


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