Fewer people using 400 flyover ramps than expected

ATLANTA (WXIA) -- They were billed as a multi-million dollar path to congestion relief on several streets near Georgia 400.

But traffic counts released on Friday indicate there are far fewer drivers using the Georgia 400 flyover ramps than the Georgia Department of Transportation anticipated.

The DOT says this is just a brief look at what's going on here on these brand new highway ramps, and insists the numbers will grow. They wonder if drivers are clinging to old habits.

Granted, this is not rush hour, but this is a look at the strips of concrete that are supposed to take traffic away from streets like this.

"It's still bad," said one motorist. "I don't know if people really realize how you can get on or off the ramps."

The flyover ramps offer a smooth transition from Georgia 400 south to Interstate 85 north, and vice versa. The DOT projects they will take as many as 6,000 cars off of the old route that includes Sidney Marcus Boulevard.

One month in, the DOT counted 473 vehicles on one ramp during a 2-hour stretch of one morning rush, while at the same time, there were more than 5,000 cars on Sidney Marcus.

"We expect more people to use the ramps," said a GDOT spokesperson. "We know the commute patterns show there are more people who would benefit from those ramps."

During one afternoon rush, the DOT counted 519 cars on one ramp over a 2-hour period, while more than 6,000-thousand cars were on Sidney Marcus. The DOT wonders how many drivers are letting old habits keep them from a better commute.

"They're there and new and have great benefit," GDOT's spokesperson said. "But some may be too stuck in their routine to use them."

The DOT doesn't have traffic counts on Sidney Marcus before the ramps, so there is no way to compare. More traffic counts are planned.


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