Grieving family applauds technology to stop texting and driving

ATLANTA - New devices are blocking drivers from texting while behind the wheel, advancements seen as encouraging signs for one grieving family.

In 2009, 18-year-old Caleb Sorohan sent one last text while behind the wheel of his car. His sister sees others taking the same risk.

"Even when we're trying our hardest and putting ourselves out there the most, some people can't connect to it, which is difficult," said Alex Sorohan.

For the drivers that still don't get it, there is technology like Cellcontrol.

A trigger connects to your vehicle's diagnostic system. When the car is moving, bluetooth technology puts the brakes on texting.

"If I try to go to my text messaging it will take me right back to the blocked screen," said Cellcontrol's Kevin Coppolino.

If a teenager tried to unplug the trigger, a parent is alerted.

"Also, if you try to tamper with the bluetooth it will auto turn the bluetooth back on and send an auto alert to the parent," said Coppolino.

Technology called Origosafe won't allow you to start your car unless the phone is plugged in to a text proof holder.

" If this thing on your phone is what it takes to make you stop texting and driving, by all means put it on your phone," said Alex Sorohan.

A grieving sister sees it as much needed support in her effort to save lives.


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