Back-to-School immunization rush time

ATLANTA -- The Fulton County Health system calls it the back-to-school Immunization Rush -- kicking off through Friday, August 15 at its regional locations.

At Southside Medical Center, they've name it Operation Immunization, and had a line of parents with kids waiting before it opened on Saturday.

In the past, it's mostly been younger children who needed shots.

This year, middle schoolers – rising 7th graders – are required to have the D-TAP (diphtheria, tetanus and percusses) and meningitis immunizations.

"As you know, they've had many schools have kids come in with meningitis, and they've had to shut them (the schools) down because it's so contagious," said Dr. David Williams, CEO of Southside Medical Center.

Many schools have sent out alerts, but there's a concern about new residents.

"They have to have an official Georgia form that documents the child's vaccines, so people coming in from another state should come in and get that form from us," said Fulton County Health Services Medical Director Dr. David McKenna.

Not only government health centers, but private physicians' offices that provide immunizations will need to provide the form.


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