Kids write on High Museum Walls

Kids from the non profit La Amistad, were invited to write on the walls of the High Museum as part of a new exhibit.

ATLANTA, Ga. -- They are a big group gathered close, posing for a picture. The only adults are two men kneeling on the ground at the front, laughing and smiling.

In the art world, these two men are pretty big deals, big enough that Fahamu Pecou and Jose Parla's art hangs at The High Museum.

Erin Dougherty, head of Public Programs and Community Engagement at the High Museum says, "Imagining new worlds is an exhibition that includes three artists, Wifredo Iam and then two living artists who are responding to his work, Jose Parla and Fahamu Pecou, an Atlanta based artist."

The High shared video of a museum visit for La Amistad kids that became much more. La Amistad is a non profit that works with the latino community. Cat Mcafee with La Amistad explains, "We provide after school tutoring and take a holistic approach working with the family as well. We've been working with the High, giving our children the amazing opportunity to see all that the city has to offer.

Thirteen year old Jesus Rojas did not expect this.

"I thought it was just another boring exhibition."

He was wrong. When he and the other kids entered an enormous white room with walls that soared to the ceiling, they were told to write whatever they wanted..all over those walls.

Sixteen year old Samuel Perez got right to work. "I drew the word 'love' in big letters. Behind it was a phoenix and I had everyone sign their name in the letter L."

Parla and Pecou were there, working on the wall, taking pictures for their instagram accounts, collaborating with the children.

Rojas says, "It was very emotional seeing artists like real living artists and talking to them asking them a few questions and having them answer them."

The children returned after the room was colorfully finessed and finished by Parla and Pecou, each showing their contribution.

Thirteen year old Britnui Leon points to the eyes she drew on a wall.

"I like the deails you can see in people's eyes..their emotions."

Perez adds, "It was good to write on the walls and not get in trouble for it."

Jesus filled his wall with quotes, reading one aloud. "Success is 1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration."

He has a new quote born of this day.

"Just one person drawing on the wall could change maybe how you think."

For Jesus, it also changed how he felt. "I felt happy and I finally felt good about myself."

The exhibition is open to the public through the end of May. It's museum worthy art -- with heart.

For more info on the exhibit, click here.

To learn more about La Amistad,click here.


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