11Alive Bullmeter takes on claims by Gingrey, Kingston

ATLANTA -- The 11Alive Bullmeter is our truth finding tool, a velvet hammer that sniffs out some of the baloney in political discourse. We'll start with a TV commercial by Jack Kingston, candidate for the US Senate.

"Meet Davey Perdue," the commercial begins, showing a toddler smearing himself with cake frosting. This is Kingston's depiction of the race's frontrunner, David Perdue. Perdue is a businessman who specialized in rescuing businesses.

One of them was a textile company called Pillowtex. The company had gone into bankruptcy, and called in Perdue to try to rescue it. Didn't happen.

"Perdue chewed up businesses. Eight thousand jobs were lost," an announcer says gravely in Kingston's commercial.

Eight thousand jobs lost! Because of David Perdue?

"That company had already been in bankruptcy for some time. I went there to try to help," Perdue told 11Alive News earlier this week.

We asked Kingston if it was fair to blame Perdue for the company's failure. "He was hired to turn around the company," Kingston said. "Part of his message has been, hey, I'm a turnaround artist. Ask the eight thousand people who were laid off at Pillowtex how it worked out."

Perdue was undeniably in charge when Pillowtex finally collapsed. But to say that he "chewed up" that business has a bit of a stink to it -- which the Bull Meter puts at a seven.

Next -- a commercial by Phil Gingrey, another GOP Senate contender. In it, an announcer asks "But can we condone Karen Handel's vote for Youth Pride? That promotes teenage homosexuality?"

In this spot, Gingrey trots out an old theme used against Karen Handel in the governor's race four years ago. When she was chair of the Fulton County Commission, Handel voted to fund Youth Pride. Youth Pride is an organization dedicated to combating bullying and preventing suicide among LGBT teenagers.

Handel did support the organization. But to say that it "promotes teenage homosexuality" reeks. This claim gets a fragrant eight on the 11Alive Bullmeter.


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