Animal lover fights to "Save the Pig" from high school raffle

JEFFERSON, Ga. - Where some people see bacon, Katie Corbett sees a pet.

"They're just so misunderstood. They're just really compassionate animals," she said.

Her aunt raised three swine rescues. When they heard East Jackson County High was auctioning off 100 pounds of butchered pork, Corbett wanted to take action.

She heard about the raffle from a coworker who was selling raffle tickets to benefit the school's cheer leading team.

"My initial thought was, 'Wow that is just so awful. That is so inhumane,'" she said.

The raffle is a tradition. For years it raised money by selling $1 chances at a pig carved any way you want it. Corbett's choice is alive.

No one has ever requested that from the school, until Corbett created took to the internet with her plea to "save the pig." She raised $1,000 in 24 hours and is still at it. Her aunt found a potential home.

"We've had several people that have stepped up and offered to take the pig all the way from Massachusetts to Elberton, Georgia," said Susie Lundie.

"I still want to support the fundraiser, just offer a better alternative is all I can ask for," Corbett said.

We took her proposal and word of the donations to East Jackson principal Jamie Dixon.

"That's certainly a possibility which I would consider. Make no mistake. We're in it for the fund raising. We're clearly open to all possibilities," Dixon said.

Corbett plans to take up his offer to meet with the principal about a possible deal.

"We can trade them for a flat screen tv or an ipad or even a monetary donation," she said.

Her one request is that the swine is saved, not savored.

At first the principal said rules are rules and he can't raffle off a live animal and canceling the raffle would not be fair to the entrants. However when he heard how fast the donations were coming in her said he would sit down with Corbett. He said the value of the pork is $300 and as of right now she more than four times that on her gofundme website appropriately named "Winning Wilbur."


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