Random Act of Kindness: Amber Chance

ATLANTA -- It's rare to find someone willing to complete so many Random Acts of Kindness at their own will, and on their own dime.

That's just what Amber Chance set her mind to. Just 71 days out from her grandmother's 70th birthday, she decided to complete 70 Random Acts of Kindness for strangers, coworkers, and friends to honor her grandmother.

Amber kept up with all of the Random Acts on her Facebook page, "Granny Rak," where friends and followers write on the page's wall to share their own Random Acts that they were drawn to complete. From bringing healthy snacks to coworkers, to leaving special cards for strangers, Amber's special project drew quite the following.

For her final Random Act, Amber promised to continue with as many acts as she could. We made her pinky-promise to spoil herself with 11Alive's special Random Act of Kindness specifically for her!

Do you know someone who deserves a Random Act of Kindness? Nominate them today!


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