Commuter Dude: Dashboard cameras growing in popularity

GWINNETT COUNTY – Dashboard cameras are becoming a more common sight in private vehicles as drivers are trying to use every means possible to protect themselves.

Alan Lappart doesn't drive anywhere without the camera mounted to his windshield.

He is constantly recording video of his travels. It's been that way since an accident where he was not at fault. Despite that, he had a hard time collecting from the other guy's insurance company.

"I asked the insurance company if I had footage of the accident would that have helped me, and they said absolutely."

Most of what Alan records is routine traffic, but it was his dash cam that captured an accident near Mountain View High School. The video was helped convince the DOT to put a traffic light there.

Dashboard cameras in private vehicles are quite common in places like Russia, where drivers try to guard themselves against scam artist.

Here in the United States, the cameras will cost you as little as $20, and as much as $250.

Alan Lappart paid $50 for his.

"I don't think about it," said Lappart. "I turn my car on and it starts."


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