Commuter Dude: Mess created by unfinished city work

ATLANTA – Commuters in a S.W. Atlanta neighborhood say the city's unfinished work has left their street in disrepair.

Abrem Ayana called Commuter Dude when he grew frustrated over the condition of Brownlee Road.

"It's not like we're resurfacing the interstate," said Ayana. "It's just a residential street."

Brownlee is on a list of streets to be repaved in the city of Atlanta. The work was supposed to happen in January, but weather delayed the resurfacing. It was after all the snow and ice that city crews arrived to take the first step, grinding down the old asphalt to prepare for a fresh coat. That was in February.

"I assume when I saw them tear the road up, they'd be back sometime that week to fix it," said Ayana.

Instead, he got word that the resurfacing would take place beginning April 21st.

Since the milling, potholes have formed. Ayana is afraid it's only going to get worse.

A spokesperson for the city's public works department says it's one group that does the milling, another the resurfacing. The two jobs typically happen within 30 days. The city says weather and scheduling restraints lengthened the wait here.

Commuter Dude asked the city to at least patch some of the worst spots, and the city has agreed.

Ayana worries there will be more delays.

"It might be October based upon the city's schedule," he said.


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