Reward fund set up in Silver Comet Trail attack

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. (WXIA) -- Tuesday marks one week since a man grabbed a woman jogging on the Silver Comet Trail in Paulding County and severely beat her.

Forty-two year-old Tina Waddell was beaten in the face. Her attacker did not steal any belongings -- there were no other serious injuries to her. The attacker just left her on the trail.

Waddell is recovering at Kennestone Wellstar Hospital in Marietta. Her jaw is wired shut, and she cannot talk, yet. The sheriff's office says everyone is a suspect in her attack right now.

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Corporal Ashley Henson of the Paulding County Sheriff's Office says there is much that detectives are doing that they cannot release to the public. Also, the sheriff's office is starting a reward fund to try and shake loose some information from tipsters to lead detectives to the attacker before he strikes again. The only description they have at this point is that of a white man with dark hair.

"Right now, we're still almost at a standstill. We're looking at a couple of different leads, but we haven't had that one break that we really need," Henson said. "We've been speaking with friends, family -- they all seem just as baffled as we do. No one person has been ruled out. We're at a point where everybody could potentially be a suspect."

"One aspect of this case that worries a lot of people is that he targeted her face," said 11Alive's Jon Shirek. "What is that telling detectives?"

"Well, it could say quite a few things. We understand that it could potentially be something that's personal. We're not ruling out that she may have known the attacker. And we're hoping that once she feels better, she's going to be able to give us that piece of information that might help us find out who did this. The person that did this is still on the loose, and so there is always the possibility that this could occur again," Henson said.

"Are you any closer now than you were a week ago?" Shirek asked.

"Well, I won't say that we're further behind, because that's definitely not the case," Henson said. "What's unique about this case is that we can't seem to determine what the motive is. We don't know whether the motive was robbery, whether is was an intended rape or sexual assault, so unless the motive was pure meanness, we don't know what the motive was -- and that's what's troubling about this case, is that we don't know why it was done."

The Paulding County Sheriff has set up the reward fund at the Hiram branch of the Bank of North Georgia. It's called the Tina Waddell Reward Fund, and anyone can contribute by contacting the bank:

75 Metromont Road
Hiram, GA 30141


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