Controversy over Habitat for Humanity home in West End

ATLANTA -- Habitat for Humanity does incredible work, building homes for people who might not otherwise be able to afford them, so why would anyone try and stop them?

Some residents in Atlanta's West End neighborhood say they agree with Habitat's mission, but they don't think the home they're building fits in the area.

The problem is over new construction on an empty lot.

The Neighborhood Preservation Committee immediately had questions about the build, and told Habitat it did not meet the historic standard of the area.

When Habitat got the build approved by the city, the preservation committee went on an all out protest, printing up signs shaming the company.

Their complaint is that the home is too small, doesn't have the porch columns characteristic of the neighborhood, and doesn't have a chimney.

"We love the idea of owner occupied homes especially in an area of resurgence like this. But the house is just not compatible. Everyone else must make it compatible, they must follow our guidelines, but Habitat isn't being made to do so," said Kathi Woodcock, a committee member.

"It's really disappointing because we all work so hard. We want our families to be accepted, we don't want in any way to be hurt. Because this lady chose to be part of that neighborhood, because she wants to be part of that neighborhood," said Larrie Martin, Atlanta Habitat for Humanity CEO and President.

Habitat met with everyone in the neighborhood numerous times and says they've done everything they can to accommodate the neighborhood. They put in masonry steps as a compromise.

In the view of the city, Habitat has done everything they need to do to comply with the regulations.

The West End Neighborhood Association is supporting Habitat for Humanity on this build.

So we want to know what you think of this debate... Which side do you support?

Should West End residents protest the Habitat build?

Text 'yesprotest' or 'noprotest' to 25543. Standard text rates apply.


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