Dream Job: Woman becomes dolphin trainer for a day

ATLANTA -- Kym Mathews' dream job was born somewhere between the deep blue sea and her TV.

"I used to watch Jacques Cousteau, 'Flipper,'" she said.

What she really wanted was a glimpse of those gentle eyes, the dexterity of the swim, and a voice like no other.

"You actually feel like you are communicating with them," she said.

Mathews always wanted to be a dolphin trainer, and 11Alive chief meteorologist Chris Holcomb helped her live her dream job for a day at the Georgia Aquarium.

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Trainer Michael Hunt took Mathews through his daily routine. It takes a lot of fish to feed a team of dolphins, and it makes a mess. Scrubbing scales and "fish gunk" from surfaces wasn't exactly part of Mathews' dream.

"But I'm good with it," she said.

Next, Hunt and Holcomb took Mathews on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour, where her dream became a reality.

"I would do it every day if I could," Mathews said.

Holcomb recently earned his dream job of chief meteorologist at 11Alive News.

"What makes working with marine life your dream job?" he asked Mathews.

"They're just such fascinating creatures," she replied. "Their intelligence and the way they interact with people."

At the end of the day, Mathews was thrilled with her time at the Georgia Aquarium.

"Just loved it and was fascinated with everything about it," she said. "It was just surreal. I feel like I know it happened, but it was almost like it didn't happen."

And she had some advice for her fellow dreamers.

"Do what you can do to make your dreams come true, because sometimes you don't get second chances," she said.

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