Pumps dry, prices rising: Colonial Pipeline leak hits hard in metro Atlanta

Gas prices skyrocket across north Georgia

Drivers across north Georgia are seeing skyrocketing gas prices over the weekend - or worse - no gas at all.

This comes as Governor Nathan Deal delcared a state of emergency due to a massive gas spill in Alabama that impacted supply.

"I have about a half a tank now," one driver said. "I'm hoping I don't run out of gas."

Others were equally concerned.

"I'm worried," another driver said. "Where is the next gas station at?"

At the ones you can still find, this could be what you'll see: pumps not working and drivers driving in and then out again searching for gas.

Call it the empty pump drive-by.

"That's crazy," one motorist said. "I was trying to get gas and I'm almost on E."

Gas stations throughout the area went dry Saturday. In Dunwoody, gas stations took down the sign prices and put up the yellow out of service bags.

At one QuickTrip in Smyrna, every pump was closed. And many took to social media to share their frustrations.

The culprit behind the empty tanks is a pipeline in central Alabama that leaked more than a quarter of a million gallons of gas.

The Colonial Pipeline  Company's Line 1 stretches from Texas to New York delivering about 40 percent of the east coast's gasoline.

With repairs ongoing now, it's a pipeline whose absence is now being felt.

Tanker trucks are on the way after Governor Deal signed an executive order allowing truck drivers to work longer hours.

At one Kroger in Duluth, cars  lined up the second a tank arrived.

Those that do find gas likely also end up paying upwards of 20 cents more than they did just a few days ago - which is why some people were stocking up on Saturday.

"What are we going to do," one driver said. "There's not another gas station for miles."

Colonial Pipeline said it has more than 680 employees working around the clock to fix the leak. Once it is fixed, analysts expect prices to drop dramatically.

In the meantime, though, it will be frustrating for drivers.

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