Habitat for Humanity seeks veteran family for new home

GAINESVILLE, Ga.-- A family of five suffered a devastating blow when their home burned to the ground last January.

But as the family regrouped and purchased another home nearby, they made a commitment that will have a lasting impact. To turn that commitment into a reality, they called in our 11Alive Help Desk.

On January 17, the Hunter family barely escaped with their lives as their four bedroom Gainesville home went up in flames. Within minutes, it was destroyed.

But Jim and Kristin Hunter made an almost instant decision. "There was no question after the fire as we were talking about the land that my husband said he wanted to donate it to Habitat for Humanity. It was just a second and I said of course," said Kristine Hunter.

"Just to have someone have a home—that's all we want," she added. When the Hunter's donated the property they insisted on one condition; that the Habitat home go to a veteran from Hall County.

The key now is for Habitat for Humanity to find a veteran who can move in by Christmas. For now, they've hit a roadblock.

"We have had a really positive response from the community at large and yet we have not yet found a single veteran who is interested, who knows and who qualifies as a homeowner with us," said Ann Nixon, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity, Gainesville.

"It's emotional because a lot of vets didn't get a welcome home and we are so glad to provide this opportunity," added Tim Williams, Director of Building for Habitat and a veteran who served with the 82nd Airborne.

The Help Desk wasted no time in reaching out to the Veterans Administration and the Wounded Warrior Project to find veteran families. Both assured us they will get the word out as quickly as possible to veterans' organizations they work with on a regular basis.

The Help Desk plans to be in Gainesville on Christmas Eve when the new owners move in.

If you are a veteran living in Hall County, you may qualify for the home. For details on how to apply, visit: http://www.habitathallcounty.org/a-heros-home/


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