Group still fighting to legalize medical marijuana

ATLANTA, Ga, -- People hoping to legalize marijuana aren't giving up after a crushing defeat in the legislature.

The Peachtree Normal Conference brought together people hoping to legalize medical marijuana and decriminalize cannabis all together in Georgia.

"Down but not out, we move forward, we'll never give up," said Executive Director Sharon Ravert.

For Ravert, this is just the beginning of the fight to legalize medical marijuana.

More than 100 people came together Saturday to strategize how to do better the next time around.

They already have another bill ready to go for the 2015 session, which she says is a better fit.

"I'm not sure how good this bill would have done anyway," she said.

The 2014 version would have allowed parents to buy the medical version of cannabis, but there was no legal way to get it in to the state, which she says is unfair to parents already going through a tough time.

"They said you can go out and break federal law, it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me," said Ravert.

She says decriminalizing cannabis all together makes the most sense to her.

According to their poll numbers, 62% of Georgian's support legalization, but in Georgia, it's still a crime.

" In Colorado or Washington, it would be just like someone buying a beer. But here, based on geography alone, I could face a year in prison," she said.

She realizes that the legalization of marijuana in Georgia might be a long way off, but for families desperate for the medical version of marijuana, she says the state has to do better.

"I'm sad for the children, and the parents of these children. I just hope that they keep up the hope and keep up the fight," she said.

Supporters of the movement will meet again next Friday to brainstorm how to move the bill forward.


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